Monday, March 15, 2010

Spider Mitts

The Monkey King loves to stalk take pictures of people. And he put on a request for a photographing mitt last winter. The project started off with a promising future. I spent a few days designing, and swatching. However, I lost steam somewhere in the spring. And the unfinished mitt stayed languishing in my knitting basket, until I picked it up again a few months ago, and finished it. The King tested the mittens during snow, lo and behold, it turned into gorilla mitten when wet. Well, they were 10 sts too big when dry anyway. I'm contemplating on knitting him a new one, but hey, it's almost spring already :P

The left one
Spider glove

The right one
Spider glove

On action
Spider glove Spider glove

Project: spider mittens, inspired by Spider socks
Ravelled here


texmorg said...

Oh my gosh you are so clever. The spider looks amazing. What a shame they are to big, pity you cant put them in the dryer and shrink them a little bit.

Salihan said...

Wow! Love your mittens. I agree with Texmorg. You're very clever! Can you felt them to fit? -

helen said...

Wow! I like them!
I was looking for the pattern or some hints, but I did not find any... :(