Monday, March 08, 2010

JD's 4th birthday

2 weeks ago was JD's birthday. We celebrated as usual by eating red egg.

Then, I brought some mini blueberry muffins to her school. I used frozen blueberry, and omitted the crumble top.

When she got home, she showed us the birthday crown that her teacher made for her.

Since her birthday was on Monday, we waited until that weekend to really celebrate it. We decorated the house with balloons (as usual). Sorry about the messy table. It was really hectic because the kids were sleeping, and me and the Monkey King was on crunch time to decorate the cake and cleaning a bit.

JD wanted princess cake. Thank goodness for youtube. I found a tutorial for princess cake. The cake is a white cake recipe that I found on The icing is white cake icing. I doubled the recipe and baked the cake in 2 round pans. It should be tall enough, however, I think because I didn't use cake flour, the cake fell.

The b'day girl with the cake, and family pic. The hat crown is my birthday present for her.

The birthday presents. The ones that she loves most are the crown, fairy wings, princess dress and high heel.

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texmorg said...

Happy Birthday JD.The pictures are great and your cake looks amazing. Your daughter looks so happy.