Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Knitting FOs

Baby Beret
I knitted this for a friend's baby. This is such a quick knit and easy pattern. I botched it up though :P
This is Kai's first snow. She wasn't happy about modelling the pic because she's cold :)
Baby beret

Baby beret
Pattern: Basque hat
Modi: ran out of the multicolored yarn during the decreases, so at the top only use the red one, and did rapid decrease (k2tog all around, k 1 round) until 8 sts remained. Added pompom.
Ravelled here

Knitted this long time ago, but only remembered to take pic of it now :P This is for the baby's mom. Hopefully she likes it.
Pattern: Wisp
Modi: Overdyed the FO using Jacquard Acid Dye in sky blue.
More details on my rav project page

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Kai's bday celebration 2

Finally we all feel somewhat better, and celebrated Kai's birthday last Saturday.

Decorated the window with balloons that my mom sent. Thank goodness for pumps! The purple hot dog balloon is surprisingly really long (about 1 m or 3 feet).

Family pictures. My mom joined in through Skype.

The birthday girl with her new toy.

Cutting the cake.

I baked this carrot cake with this frosting. I added 1/2 c of shredded coconut to the cake, and substitute 1/2 c of butter from the frosting recipe with cream cheese. The cake was really good and moist. The raisins make this cake more interesting than regular old carrot cake. The monkey king that doesn't like carrot cake loves it!

Even the birthday girl likes it too, I think. Whaddabout JD? Does she like it? Well, she ate about 3 big slices of the cake before I stopped her. She coughed quite a bit that night.
Lesson: just because the cake has carrots in it, doesn't make it healthier. Especially to a cough prone kid.
Lesson learned! :))

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Kai's bday celebration 1

Can't believe that my baby's turned 1. Too bad we all came down with a cold, so only mini celebration for her on the day. I made red eggs and noodles for breakfast.

The red eggs. For Chinese, they symbolise good luck, roundness (as in complete happiness) and a sign of fertility/prosperity. Please ignore the botchiness of my eggs. I should have searched online beforehand on how to make smooth (boil the eggs with vinegar and salt).

Kai: Wow, what's this? Everybody is eating it spoon, I should try too.

Kai: Nah, it's easier by hand.

She ate about half of it before she starts throwing it to the floor.

Thursday, December 10, 2009


Hi! We got back from the vacation about a week ago. But then all of us girls got hit by endless coughing and snotty nose :(
Kai turned 1 on Monday. We had to postpone the celebration because of the sickness. Hopefully everybody up and running this weekend, and we can celebrate it.
I'm still confused what birthday cake to bake and decorate. She doesn't have a favorite thing. Well, she loves to nurse, but I think boobie cake is not appropriate for 1 yo, don't u think? :)