Friday, March 26, 2010

I feel random today.

1. I won a blog contest a few days ago. I've never won a contest before. Yipiiii! (I won a beautiful cabled beret pattern).

2. If you have 10 minutes, bake these vanilla cookies now! It's really really good. I didn't chill the dough before baking. I dropped spoonful to cookie sheet, and put several raisins on top. The cookies came out mound-y. Sorry about the terrible pic. Monkey King wasn't home, and JD insisted on being in the pic :P

3. Finally, I can have dessert for breakfast. I made this a few days ago, and it tasted just like carrot cake. Yummy! The carrots need to be steamed/microwaved before added to the batter or the resulted pancake will be crunchy. Otherwise, you can microplaned them like I did.

4. This is also very good. All da monkeys in the house loves it :) Next time, I will upped the cranberries to a cup.

What's so special about the beds? Well, JD made the beds this morning. I didn't even ask her to. She said that I was busy with Kai, so she made the bed. And yes, we all sleep together in oneroom, even though JD has her own room. She hasn't sleep in her "real" bed for more than a year now.

6. Yesterday was a great day. After more than 15 months in waiting and trying, Kai finally sleeps in her stroller. We were on our way back from the library, and I saw her pull her hat down. When I stopped to open it, she woke up, and pull it down again. Funny monkey :) You can also see that she was holding a piece of banana in her hand. She was asleep for 1.5 hours, and woke up asking for nursing, and slept again in my arms for another hour.

And that's all folks.

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