Thursday, February 11, 2010

Basara Restaurant

We ate lunch at the Basara some time ago. (Ma, if you read this, it's over at the meat shop. We ate carrot cake there 2 years ago). The restaurant is situated inside a market hall. The restaurant/cafe on one side, and the market on the other side. They have butcher, fish stall, cheese and coffee stall, and green produce. It was quite fun for the kids to eat there because they don't get bored waiting for the food to come. They can walk around looking at the live lobster, crabs, and scallops in the aquariums.

We ordered margherita pizza (tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, with freshly grated parmesan and ruccula on top)
Margherita pizza

Appetizer of the day (meatball, roast potato and dijon mayonaise, grill salmon, bread with herbed butter)

Raw Scallop
We choose the scallops from the aquarium, and prepared fresh. It's drizzled with olive oil, sea salt, and black pepper.
This was our first time eating raw scallop. I kinda like the texture, and the sweetness of it. But I think the olive oil overpowered the whole thing.

The brave kid trying the scallop. (She didn't like it though)

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texmorg said...

Hi Yuliana thanks for leaving me a comment on my blog its great to meet you (if only in cyber space) I have added your blog to my list, I love it. Altough i dont knit i love to cook, and your cooking looks yum and your children look so cute and sweet.
Have a good week end