Monday, November 09, 2009

Halloween Food

I saw hot dog impaled with spaghetti on some blog long time ago. And decided that this would be fun for Halloween. So, for Halloween dinner, I made...

Halloween dinner

It's impaled hot dog with spaghetti, burned octopus hot dog, and steamed broccoli on regular pasta sauce. It's a hit with JD coz she loves finger food.

I also made cupcakes for dessert
Mini cupcakes pre-spiderized

Recipe: Peanut Butter cupcake
Modifications: I use mini cupcake pan, crunchy peanut butter coz I'm out of the smooth one, and reduce the sugar to 1 cup. For the frosting, I just put 1 stick of butter to mixer, cream it and add sugar and powdered sugar until desired consistency.
I tried to color it to orange, but it ended up lilac color...weird

After adding some buttercream frosting and licorice for the legs and eyes
Mini spider cupcakes

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