Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Cooking stuff

When it was mushroom season, the monkey king brought home a box of Cantarella mushroom. Never cook with them before, so after intense browsing, I decided to make mushroom stew, except that I don't really have the ingredients.

Cantarella mushroom stew
Recipe: none. I fused several mushroom stew that I found online to adjust for my lack of ingredients.
Verdict: mm...too mushroomy? :)

Curry Kyllingboller (Curry chicken meatballs)
Curry kyllingboller
Recipe: from Rema 2000 (grocery store) pamphlet. They are advocating dinner for 4 in less that U$20.
Verdict: definitely not enough flavor us. The idea of using chicken meatball than real meat for curry is refreshing, but not using coconut milk for the curry sauce? That's baffling for me.

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