Thursday, October 08, 2009

Kids stuff

Some pictures of da kidz.

JD and Kai sitting on the windowsill.
I think JD carries her sister to sit up there.

We all sleeps together in one room. Not because da kidz don't have their room and beds, but because they don't wanna sleep in their own room and beds. So, Kai sleeps on my bed, and we brought out a spare bed for JD. This is actually quite cozy and works better than all 4 of us sleeping in 1 bed like our previous arrangement. And since it started to get cold here, our room become quite warm and packed.
One night, I heard Kai fussing a bit, and went over to check on her. JT found them like this. Apparently, Kai moved around and fell into JD's bed (good thing it wasn't the floor).

JD helping me rolling the pie crust for pear tart

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