Monday, October 05, 2009

Food recap

Things that I've been baking/cooking in the past week.

Deep, dark brownies
Recipe: Deep, dark rich brownies
Vote: Really good. JT even loves it. It's rich, and very satisfying.

Herbs de provence bread
Recipe: Herbes de Provence bread
Vote: Taste-wise, it's good. However, the dough was really sticky, and not rising well (on the first rise). And on the second rise, it's more like rising to the sides, and up. Resulting in a bread that's more like a fluffy pancake, as JD (my oldest) said.

Lamb Curry with white and red rice
Lamb curry
Recipe: my own

Oatmeal cakes
Recipe: Oatmeal cakes
Vote: Pretty good. JD loves it. And it's healthy too. So yay!

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