Friday, May 01, 2009


So, a few weeks ago we hiked to Ulriken . We planned on just hike a little bit to take some pictures, but there's an overoptimistic person (namely Jerry) that thinks we can do it; we hiked all the way up. It turned out to be a 6-7 hours journey (up and back). And we were totally tired but proud and amazed of our eldest daughter's stamina.

This is the top of Ulriken.

We started near JD's barnehage. The path was very easy. Lots of beautiful little streams.

Then the path became a little bit rocky.

Stopped for a bit to reenergize ourselves (halfway there)

Then we had to stop for lunch, and apparently changed Kai's diaper. I think we were the only one that bring baby to hike and change diaper :) We got "are you crazy" look from passerby. By the way, see how beautiful the view is behind the family pic?

After this stop, the road started to become really really hard and dangerous.

Finally, we made it! YAY!
(This pic was taken behind the antenna and JD was sporting her new jacket)

We celebrated it by:
First, rest.

Drink coffee (well, at least JD did. She drank most of our coffee)

Doing silly poses.

Taking pictures

Was it worth it?
We think so. The view was amazing!
(It looks a bit washed out from the pics, but believe us, it really is amazing :))

And JD was really happy there. Not tired at all. (I think it's the coffee talking :))

The end.

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